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Creative Comedy & the art of stand up

Advanced Special 6 week course,

for those who been to a comedy course before or  had some stand up comedy experience.

This hands on course will give you practical tools for you to develop or improve a creative stand up routine, or a comedy sketch. Explore and enrich the physical and visual aspect of your acts, discover how elements of mime and theatrical props can add humor and depth to any comedy performance.

Bring your existing acts to the next level or create funny and impressive stand up routines from scratch.

Make your stand up stand out. 

The course includes-

Review of  types of comedy and star comedians

Fun exercises that will stimulate your comedic creativity and allow it to run wild

Stage presence

Experience how puppets and theatrical props can enhance your performance

Basic mime technique every performer should know




Comedy course for absolute beginners

Stand up and visual comedy - BEGINNERS 8 weeks course

This course will deliver a step by step process to becoming a stand-up comedian with epsises on the physically of the performer.
Awake and inspire your inner clown.

This fun and funny course is dedicated for the art of comedy.

We will explore some of the classic gags and routines, develop our inner stand up artist with fun exercises  that will encorage and inspire you to write your own materials and feel confidant presenting them  in front of an audiace. discover  basics of mime principles. including: The wall, manipulating objects, walking in the wind, the mime walk, the moon walk, robotics, fixed points and more.

Explore and create funny sketches using fun exercises that will allow you to express and create. Prepare for a feast of creativity, lots of laughs and good fun.

From total beginners to very experienced, all welcome.

The course will end with a small performance with sketches we create throughout the course.

About the teacher

The course is led by award winning mime artist and physical comedy performer, Nelly Lewis. Lewis has been teaching acting, movement and performance for over 20 years. She specialised in making creativity go wild and brings out the clown that is hidden within.

Beginner’s Comedy Course

Have you always fancied trying stand up comedy? Now’s your chance.  This course will teach you the methods and techniques to craft your set, get up on stage and make an impact. The course is taught in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

Each week we concentrate on a different aspect of comedy and then perform a small piece of material integrating the delivery and stage techniques that we’ve learnt. Everyone gets to perform and everyone receives feedback (and usually laughter,) in return.

There are plenty of writing exercises which often result with the class in stitches and frequently end up as material. There’s a real team dynamic in all classes with the shared goal of the graduation gig at the end. The graduation is open to all students and not just the selected few, which is unique to Brighton Comedy Course.

There’s weekly homework tasks, resulting in a tidy stock pile of material. Our Facebook page Brighton Comedy Course has interviews and reviews from previous students. Please have a look.  The most repeated feedback is “I wish I hadn’t put it off so long and just took the plunge.”

Course Details

The Beginners Comedy Courses runs twice a year. The course is limited to 15 to ensure individual feedback for each student.

The course delivers a step by step process to becoming a stand up comedian. A practical course designed to provide the tools and know-how for you to tap into your own comedy genius. Learn how to write and structure your own material and deliver it with confidence. Tap into positive body language and stage techniques which will enhance all future public speaking experiences.

The first half of the class is theory based and the second half is dedicated to performance and feedback. There is advice on how to market yourself and a list of contacts to secure future gigs should you choose to work on the comedy circuit. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to entertain a friendly audience in our showcase performance. Unlike other comedy courses, this opportunity is opened to all students.

Please note that a condition of being on the course is doing the homework which I hope you will enjoy.

All courses are booked on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 15 places.

  • Book your place on: The Beginners Comedy Course

  • Date: 28th May 2019

  • Time: 7-9pm (8 Tuesdays)

  • 2 Additional dates Included- Comedy night out, and the the Graduation night. Dates to be arranged.

  • Cost: £300/£280

  • Location: The Southern Belle Pub, 3 Waterloo St, Hove BN3 1AQ

  • Note – Course places for the dates below are still available. When places are sold out, the page will be updated to reflect that.

Standard £300                                              Early Bird £280 (60 days before)