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Stitch it!


The Teatrería of Abrego.
"STITCH IT!" Nelly Lewis (United Kingdom).
It happened again. A small miracle before our eyes. Stitch to stitch. Moment to moment.
A biography of memories.
Little by little... a life stitched... drawn... without losing thread...
Who needs words when you "sew" so well?
Perfect end to a magnificent specimen.
100% recommended.​

Aureo Gomez

Create Your Own Solo Show Workshop

"The surprising thing about the Create Your Own Solo Show workshop was that, starting from my very vague, nebulous ideas about a potential subject, Nelly was able to guide me through tasks which led to the ideas taking shape, the storytelling growing clearer, and moments of the show standing out in sharp focus - already! I had signed up for the session on a hunch, because the workshop title had intrigued me - you might say an inauspicious start. Yet by the end of the workshop, my faith in the show that I could create and perform with Nelly's guidance had grown by a leap."   Margarita Steinberg


Talent Coaching

"Working with Nelly has been a very productive experience for me. She has provided me with great clarity and helped shift my mindset through her practical, positive and helpful advice. I have seen great results from implementing these tools and fresh ideas while being guided by Nelly through every step."
"I’m very much looking forward to working with Nelly on future projects..." Amy Creighton

"Nelly helped me clarify a lot my needs with regards to a new production I was working at, allowing me to see new options I had not contemplated before, or bringing down to earth ideas I had and turning them into pragmatic objectives..."

Ivan Andrade

"Working with Nelly  has been an inspiring adventure. She instills great confidence and essential motivational energy and is highly knowledgeable of the artist’s environment and is equally sensitive to their needs. At all times she remains positive and nurturing while gently giving a much-needed nudge now and again! Through her astute business advice and creative direction, she offers the kind of organizational support that is extremely beneficial to any artist embarking on a new project or building a career..."         Jody Trehy

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