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Projects and Shows

Stitch It!

Winner of The Bobby Award.

This is a physical theatre solo show without words for adults, created in a unique style of movement - Butomima, which fuses butoh with mime.

Lewis guides the audience through a woman’s journey from childhood to childbirth, ageing, and death.

It is a visual poem triggering memories and emotions, thoughts and dreams.

" There aren’t enough positive accolades in the English language to describe how utterly magnificent this piece of physical theatre is. ,,


Broadway baby 

"A porcelain doll, or a clown, or a waif-like vulnerable little girl. Lewis is all these things and more as she takes us flawlessly through her solo performance Stitch It!

Total Theatre 

Robot with a Heart

A Mime Robot looking to discover what it feels to be human, Dancing and Miming with a LIX 3D pen, connecting plastic strings between the audience and creating a 3D drawing of the heart of all beings.

Woman Crow

This creation was made as a commission solo piece that took part as a scene from The House of Dreams production by Dolfine de Bury. A very scary performance... an exploration of fear, in the white forest she walks where her soul is taken away from her, as she transforms into a crow.

I am Japanese!

This performance theme is the confrontation of an Israeli woman with her complex daily situation;
She try’s to overcome her reality by transforming into a Japanese woman. 

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