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Nelly's Signature talk

From a performing art student to a successful artist

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed as to what to do once you graduate? Do you hold a vision of your dream career? Goals you want to achieve? Backup plan? And a clear definition for success?

Do you wish that someone would finally tell you what is waiting there in the real world?


Many people are very good in their student years, but lack the experience, marketing skills and knowledge that allow them to pursue a successful and fulfilling career as an artist.

Nelly Lewis, an artist, life coach and educated marketer, developed this talk to teach others how to approach artistic life when leaving the nest of a university.

At this powerful seminar, you will learn to:


Create a clear and honest career plan.                     

Discover how to set your mind to success.

Receive tools to deal with rejection.

Learn how to be proactive as a performing artist and get marketing keys that will hold your career in its ups and downs.

And much more...

‘’I came away feeling so much more confident. It was such a creative experience, and just really good to meet her and be guided by her experience. I would recommend it to anyone. ‘’   Yvette S.

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