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My Classes

I offer personalized-to-your-body training, in private one on one setting or in friendly groups.

 You will get direct access to my expertise and knowledge and we will make sure we target the areas that are most important to you, reaching every muscle and making sure you do things right ,safely and effectively.


My unique approach and personalized-to-your body training, which tailors every session to your specific needs and objectives   both in training and in life, leads to striking results. You will notice problem areas will look better. Pain will disappear. You will feel stronger and more able.


i work with clients recovering from injury, athletes preparing for competitions, dancers or clients wanting to tone up ‘to have strong bodies, feel and look great!

Nelly Lewis

Nelly graduated from the European academy for physical theatre.

And is a certified mime artist.

Since 2008 Nelly is certified to teach both Pilates matwork and studio equipment.

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