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Nelly Lewis

Nelly practiced gymnastics and classical ballet since she was 5.  

She was first introduced to Pilates in 2003 during her corporal mime training studies,

She graduated from the European academy for physical theatre. And is a certified mime artist.

After touring around the globe as a dancer, mime, choreographer & masterclass workshop teacher (in Europe, Japan, Africa)

she graduated in 2008 from Dror Raz Suzan Dallal Centre School For Classical Pilates.


 Nelly Lewis brings both her passion and her expertise to pilates. Helping you believe & achieve!



I adore pilates and the effect it has on ones body and mind .

It brings a great sensation in the body, of a strong centre and balance.


In my beginners class I wish to focus on the ability to listen to the body and to increase the awareness to the movement patterns and body behaviour, Using pilates techniques in order to find the centre and correct posture and become stronger and more flexible. 


For advanced students I like to go beyond their ability and give challenging and courageous exercises, putting the focus on advanced pilates repertoire exercises, classes are brisker and  have a flow spirit .



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