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At last, achieve your health and well-being dreams and embrace a happier, healthier you.

Are you ready for change?

How are you?

They Call it Midlife... and You Can Feel It!

Your body makes sure you feel it—nagging you with new aches, pains, and syndromes. Less energy, more weight... and you know it also affects your personal life.

If you take a moment to think about it...You’re actually quite concerned about this situation.

You know it’s time to stop neglecting yourself and make a change. Your biggest need right now is just to get started—finding a routine and a framework that will help you adopt healthy activities and habits, putting you on track to improve your health and quality of life.


What your challenges tend to be:

You recognise that you’ve been neglecting certain aspects of your health and know it’s time to take action. The idea of improving your situation on your own feels daunting. Maybe you've tried in the past and it didn’t work out like you wanted. Perhaps there are so many things you want to change that you’re not sure where to start, and it all feels a bit overwhelming.

If we’re being truly honest, there are moments when you experience self-doubt or feel stuck in a rut, wondering if real change is even possible. You might ignore body aches, struggle to stick to your health resolutions, and continue habits that you know aren't beneficial.

You crave support and guidance—someone to hold your hand and lead you.

I’m here to tell you that the transformation you long for is possible, and achieving it can even be easy and fun!

What you need most right now:

Our primary focus must be on crafting a clear wellness strategy that cultivates a lifestyle promoting your health and well-being.

It’s time to progress step by step, steadily and surely, towards your new self.

Fill your life with positive actions and embrace new habits that enhance your experience of life.

Setting specific goals and finding focus and accountability are crucial to advancing your lifestyle. Leaving neglect behind, you'll achieve greater results and feel successful and happy in all aspects of your life. I am here for you.

Do you want to…?

Cultivate new habits to enhance your health and well-being, giving yourself the time and attention you deserve.

Take charge of your exercise and nutrition, leaving behind comfort eating and excessive drinking.

Feel energised with a renewed lease of life for your family and work.

Feel more confident and attractive in your body.

Live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Casual Wear

"Coaching with Nelly has helped me lose weight and feel better about myself, just by sticking to what we talked about. thank you Nelly! "


Blue Skies

Working with me in person as your wellness coach, we will put together a clear roadmap to help you achieve your goals. A 3-month commitment is sometimes enough, but in some cases, a 6-month plan is a better fit. You can choose your plan according to your intuition or discuss it with me. If you choose a 3-month plan and later decide you want further support, we can chat about it.

Introducing the *Wellness Shift*

wellness shift

What’s included?

12 Weekly coaching sessions, including 2 health map sessions. sessions can take place

in person or online

Access an exclusive member area on my website where you'll find structured nutritional and exercise modules that are effective and easy to follow .

Receive regular emails and reminders to help you stay on track with the program.

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Enjoy discounts for retreats and special events.

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Once your program is finished, you'll receive a carefully curated hamper delivered straight to your doorstep. with  treats and tools that will  ensure your ongoing success.

Now is the time to transform and make real changes to your life.

If you don’t change your habits and routines now where will you be in a year or even 10 years time?

Now is the time to transform and make real changes to your life.

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