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Pilates for Beginners

Itss never been easier to start !


Nelly will guide you through a full body pilates workout while teaching you how to apply the pilates principles that will have improve your body condition. get rid of aches and pains , strengthen the body safely and effectively, while enjoying it ! for more info , read pilates Mat on this page.


Holistic Pilates

Not just Pilates 


With the knowledge she  gathered  in over 20 years as a movement practitioner and teacher, Nelly combines in her holistic Pilates classes a variation of movement methods such as chi qong, Alexander technique, mime,  mindfulness and more.
The classes are suitable  for all levels.

The class will help you with to maintain your body in good condition,  improve posture, get rid of aches and pains , get fit and strong.

People with back pain, bad posture , osteoporosis and injury’s are able to join the class

Pilates for mothers


Ready to find yourself again?


I know how much you want to get your body back to its pre pregnancy form and as soon as possible.

Some are facing unwanted and unplanned body alterations that need to be addressed, such as muscle separation and joint laxity. And others just want to look better and finally feel like themselves.

Rest assured that I have the knowledge to safely guide you through your journey.

I understand how exhausted you must be and how cumbersome it is to squeeze in a training routine into your busy schedule. I will make sure your time training is well spent and help you to reach your goals safely and effectively, getting the most out of your precious time.



Pilates for Athletes

Real athletes do pilates !


Whether it’s in team sports such as rugby or football, individual sports like tennis/athletics or endurance events (marathon running or rowing for instance), Pilates is playing a bigger and bigger role in elite sports.

More and more teams and athletes are making it a fundamental element of their training regime. In fact, incorporating Pilates into a training/exercise programme benefits sports people at all levels, withthree key advantages springing most obviously to mind:

.1 Reducing the frequency and severity of injuries

.2 Increased body controls

3 Increased power output


It's mportant for recreational sports and exercise enthusiasts to include Pilates based training into their regime to avoid injury and to aid optimal performance.



  Group classes schedule      
Monday     9:15am  beginners                  
Hanover     NEW course
Monday    6:15pm  mix level  mix l
                  From October
Wednesday   Mornings Varndean collage  Thursday Mornings- Varndean-Kemp Town- 
More Classes coming soon:)
I offer Pilates online Courses, so you can keep fit or get in shape during the holidays, wherever you are, whenever you'd like!
To Join my  Summer Pilates online course 
send me a message

1:2:1 private sessions

Want something more specific for you?


1:1 or 2:1 sessions are great for those wanting specific exercises for their personal needs. Whether you are looking to improve posture or performance in another sport, you have an injury or condition which needs management and rehabilitation or just know you work better in a personalised atmosphere; then these sessions will suit you.

Online Pilates course

Pilates Mat

Start mat classes


Pilates is for everyone!

Taking your first step onto the Pilates mat is an exciting new beginning. I believe the only way to start Pilates is with the highest standard of teacher in the best environment. Take your time – practice and patience are essential.

Pilates Mat classes (and Pilates Equipment classes) are excellent exercise methods for pre + postnatal women. Please inform me if you are pregnant or have recently given birth, so that your class can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

The best way to begin is by a 121 session folow by A  Beginners Course.

(but not the only way)

 The practice builds week by week, providing a solid foundation and inspiring you for classes or a course at the next level.