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"My back pain has completely disappeared." Naomi G.
"Dancing has become more available to me." Ella L.
"I can feel my lower abdominal work." Louise.
"I didn't expect to have such fast results." Elionra
Vicky L.
"My posture is a lot better and I definitely feel a lot stronger." Lizzie B.
"I am standing a lot taller, a lot stronger, my posture really improved  ." Phil
"II was quite scared to come to do Pilates with the whole group of people but I actually found that I could make friends and enjoy interacting with others." Jackie

Nelly is such a wonderful teacher- funny and so intuitive. She has helped me so much after having major back problems.

Each class is different and fun and she knows just how far to push you so you get the most out of it.

I can't recommend her highly enough.


Laura Ruby 


Karen Church

Amazing Classes, very relaxing and calm. I so enjoy my Monday morning wake up.

I have to say - Nelly is the greatest pilates instructor! I was training with her 1:1 for years and every time i tried somebody else's lessons - every time I understood that she is the one. She knows exactly how to work with your body and how to choose the right exercises for your body condition. After each lesson with her I felt great! 
She is creative, funny and I would really recommend her as your Pilates instructor! 


Olesia Solianik

Just completed my first five lessons 1:1 with Nelly. Feel so much better in mind and body. Looking forward to starting again after Easter. Can thoroughly recommend Nelly as an excellent pilates instructor. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance. xx


Barbara Reed

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