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Here is where you go when you need to the point exercises!

For me Pilates is the natural cure for the body aches and pains,
10-20 min working of one area can be a million times more effective then any medication, or even few appointments at the chiropractor..

More Videos to come!

need a 10 min workout? as a member you can send me a request via email or messanger and I will make a video for you and place it here, so you and other fit u members can enjoy it, anytime

Neck + Shoulders

19 min that will help you relief pain and tightness from the neck and shoulders, this is perfect for dose who sit a lot in front of the computer or suffer from tightness around thous areas.

 Precision + Neutral Spine 

Nelly plains the different positions of the pelvis. This is essential  information to know as it brings awareness to your body and how you hold it, it can improve your abdominal connection during the exercises and in every day life posture.

Running time: 23 mins

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