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Welcome to Your Summer Quarantine  Pilates Pack

Plus if you’d like some support by your fellow Pilates buddies during the
quarantine period,

please join us in the community Facebook Group HERE

Floor Pilates

This  Floor Pilates excises will help you work on your abs.

Pilates for Loosen body

In this 14 min Video you will get your body loosen up, a great way to start the day, or just take care of unwanted stress in the body.

Pilates for the Arms

In this 12 min Video you will get your ''salt & peeper sorted!  to create beautiful shaped arms, repeat this once a day, if you really want to see results fast, I recommend to do it twice even 3 times a day.

Pilates for the thighs

Pilates full session

Pilates full session
         Dynamic & stretch

Pilates Full session last

BONUS- The Four pebbles meditation 

Want to join a live online session on Zoom?

During this Corona Time  I offer the chance to meet weekly, as a drop in or regularly, a chance to create a routine and  be a part of a  fun community.


At the moment I offer 2 sessions, both on Mondays. 
One is  at 9:30 am UK time (mixed level + beginners welcome!);
and  one at 6:15 pm UK time  (mixed level + advanced welcome!)

To join simply follow the link. If it is your first time I recommend that you log in 10 minutes before the start of the session, as you might need to download zoom etc (its very simple).

The sessions are FREE! donation much appreciated. CLICK HERE to register. once you registered you will receive the link to the session to your inbox> much love x Nelly

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